Into the Darkness

Ep 1: A mission in Waterdeep
Party Introductions


Scene 1: You're in the Army Now!

Torbera, Finch and Ozil have for various reasons decided to join an ongoing holy war being waged in Waterdeep.  The city has gathered to cheer and see them off on their journey as Lord <who?> delivers an inspiring farewell message to the new soldiers.

The players set sail aboard a navy fleet and the initial journey is uneventful.  When they get to their new assignment however, they discover the garrison commander has lost track of a patrol.  His wizards use a trio of sigils to maintain a visual on troop movements, but these men can no longer be found.  

The company of adventurers is thusly sent to <insert place / map> to discover the whereabouts of the missions patrol and are given a few instructions and words of warning. The patrol was assigned to continually scout between <insert> and <insert>.  This area is known for a steam mist generated by a active volcano in the waters to the south.  It is easy to get lost and lose your way.  They are also advised not to travel too far into the northern woods because <why?>. Before they leave, the commander assigns a 4th party member, <xyz> to assist the company.

Scene 2: Searching for the Lost Patrol

Some exploration and battles happened here, I'll let you guys fill this in.

Scene 3: Arrival at <some village name>

Emerging from the mists, Finch, Ozil and Torbera suddenly find themselves in a small down trodden village.  The only visible residents are Maugrib and a hoard of children surrounding him. Introductions are tense as Torbera and Maugrib eye each other warily.  Finally, Torbera wins the test of wills and takes the opportunity to explain to Maugrib the party has suddenly become lost and claim to be from some place which Maugrib has never heard.  Before the meeting has settled, a new threat refocuses their attention.  A deep growling echoes through the air and Maugrib instructs the children to take refuge in the nearby stable.

The four adventurers prepare for battle and are soon met by a hulking werewolf.  Maugrib gives Torbera a handful of silver arrow tips as battle commences and tells her not to allow her men to be bitten.  The fight doesn't last long though and the beast is cut down just prior to escaping down a dark hole where a house once stood.  However, the party was shocked as it's wounds began to heal and the monster began to revive itself, only to manage an escape through the tunnel after all.  In the source of the fight, Ozil attempted an escape on horseback only to find himself face down in the dirt, stunned by otherwise unharmed.

Scene 4:  Maugrib joins the party 

The following is largely copy/pasted dialog.

Torbera: Greetings, wander ( @ross ). That was a harrowing encounter there. Know ye what that devilish beast was?

Maugrib: Aye i believe so.  I have never seen one in person, nor did I know they were more than a scared children's tale.  They are a kind of shape shifter, changing between man and savage beast.  They say a man bitten will succumb to their foul powers and doom himself to the life of a hellish beast

Finch: Aye, the stench of that foul beast caused our noble paladin to cower in his grieves.

Maugrib: it concerns and interests me that it shrugged off death.  its wounds healed as if they never happened.

Torbera: Indeed. We must discover a weakness. A path to the beasts destruction. The evil thing must be eliminated

Maugrib: I've heard, though i can't know it's truth, they are particularly vulnerable to silver for some reason and prefer stalking their prey by the light of the moon.  your appearance here may be no accident.  the barony is known for dragging wayfaring adventurers into its grasp  and testing them.  you aren't the first to be lost and found here in the dark.

Torbera: That lacks the comfort we would desire st this time. And yet we recognize a holy responsibility to help with this evil. Tyr has surely sent us to aid you specifically in the clearing of this evil, and others from this country. Would you join our party to see the deed done? And let us know by which we may call you

Maugrib: My name's Maugrib.   Be careful with your righteous views here in the barony.  They may be well and good at heart but here in Barovia, everything bears the taint of death and evil.  There are few who's sword arms are so strong they can keep up their vows for so long.  I've spent my life trying to understand the secrets of this plane of death and am never closer to knowing it's truth much less conquering it. I would travel with you perhaps.  If one day you are set free of this hell, I would go with you.

Torbera: Well met, Maugrib. And we truly do take your words to heart as well as keeping my vows and faith to Tyr's edicts. My hope it that together we may help you learn the secrets this place holds while doing our part to rid it of evil

Torbera: Maugrib, you fired a crossbow at the beast. Are you a hunter, much like our compatriot Finch, by trade?

Maugrib: Honestly don't know.   Ive never had a profession.  Ive spent my free time studying this land..controlling parts of it.  Sometimes i can control the difference between life and fast itself but so far in only superficial ways.  Do i study. Surviving on odd jobs and what i can catch and craft.  Admittedly, not much

Torbera tells Maugrib of her background as a solider and shows her sergeant insignia during the story. Many campaigns. Countless battles. Easy to show scars. She includes Finch on this information although he's already heard much of it during our boat trip and cart ride>

Maugrib: These villagers are more fearful than their children.  They have hidden themselves away in this hovel and left the children to their own.  I suppose they believe the beasts are only interested in the adults since that appears to be their prey of choice but I am unsure.  But if they are to survive, they will need the council of a soldier such as yourself.  The water in the well is fair at least and they promised food and lodging as well as horses in their plea for aid.  I would not count on their continued willingness to provide now that the source of their anxiety has fled for now.

However their smith is a man of strong will and fashioned some arrow heads from some old silver I had.  There is still metal left .. perhaps we can also convince him to make spears or daggers.


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